Below Grade Services


Damp Proofing

This thin asphalt coat (10-20 mils) is designed only to stop vapor transfer from soil through concrete into building. It is brittle by nature and cracks with the concrete when settling occurs. It is the minimum allowed by building code, but think of what basement will be used for before you buy, because it might cost more long term in repairs or damages.

Basic Waterproofing

Similar to damp proofing, this asphalt based product is great at sealing against vapor, but that is where the similarities end. Waterproofing is modified with rubber to make it flexible and able to resist water pressure over cracks. If you are finishing your basement or structure, come see what level of protection would best meet your project’s needs.

Premium Waterproofing

This Waterproofing has a higher modification of rubber to make it stronger, more flexible, and able to resist higher levels of water pressure over cracks. If you are building a custom structure, this product is a must to keep high end finishes free from water damage.

Foundation Drainage

Drainage Mat

This two part barrier brings two key protection elements to any project. Its fabric to core air gap allows water to free-fall (faster than gravel) to footing drain to keep water pressure from building up next to your building. The core acts as a secondary barrier against water as well since it forms an additional layer of protection between soil and backfilled walls.

Thermal Drain

Synthetic fibers woven and fused together create this strong and resilient insulation/drainage board. It provides many benefits over typical insulation such as drainage, insulation, and adding tensile strength to waterproofing membranes. This new technology is a great asset for any custom building needing added protection.  

Footing Drains

Strip Drain

Strip drain directly replaces commonly known assemblies such as a footing drains, french drains, or pipe and gravel systems. It lowers labor required for install, eliminates the need for gravel, and is an engineered system that ICC stands behind. This product is one to look into for cost savings without losing quality.

Foundation Insulation


This product as stood the test of time. Adding drainage, insulation, and adds warranty to Tremco’s Tuff-N-Dri warranty. Ranging from R-3 to R-15, this product is a must when better protection, drainage, and insulation are required.

Thermal Drain

Options from R-3 to R-15, this durable insulation will not only drain but insulates below grade walls and can hold up to some of the most extreme backfill applications. It will protect, drain, strengthen, and insulate your product to best meet your needs.


XPS / EPS / ISO are just some of the choices available for below grade installation. EPS (Expanded Poly-styrene) is locally made and more competitive, giving more R-value per dollar spent. XPS (Extruded Poly-Stryrene) is more commonly specified, but can be more costly – check out link above to find out more. 

Under-Slab Barriers


Literally meaning “two layer of seal”, this product consists of HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) and bentonite. It can protect against water tables fluctuations but also against seasonal changes causing high vapor transmission on sensitive flooring. Special care need to be discussed when considering this barrier for successful installation.

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